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A Safe Toothpaste for Kids

Kinder Karex is a fluoride-free children's toothpaste with the benefits of BioHAP (hydroxyapatite). Kinder Karex gently cleans the teeth and helps prevent plaque buildup with regular brushing. 

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Kinder Karex Benefits

A fluoride-free toothpaste with the benefits of BioHAP (Hydroxyapatite)

Modern Oral Care

How to Use Kinder Karex

Safe If Accidentally Swallowed

Young children are likely to swallow toothpaste because they have not learned to properly spit it out yet. BioHAP is safe if accidentally swallowed.

Kid Approved Taste

Kids have sensitive taste buds, and with that can come the challenge of finding a toothpaste that is not too “spicy” for their taste. The mild minty flavor in Kinder Karex was selected by kids for kids. 

For All Ages (0+ years)

Gentle enough to use on the first tooth and to continue using for the years to come. 


With the debate over the safety and over exposure to fluoride, Kinder Karex is an alternative fluoride-free toothpaste for those concerned about fluoride. 


Parabens are preservatives and believed to be linked to cancer and reproductive issues. Kinder Karex does not use parabens.


Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLS is an ingredient used to create foam. SLS can be an irritant especially for those with sensitive gums. Kinder Karex does not use SLS.

Is your child at risk of dental fluorosis?

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